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Eli Avisera is an internationally renowned woodworking artist and a world-class expert in woodturning, carving, wood sculpture, and chair making. He is also a luthier (violin maker) and has an extensive background in classic carpentry, cabinet and furniture making.   

Eli was born in 1960 and grew up in Jerusalem.  He attended “Kiryat Noar” school in Jerusalem, specializing in their artistic woodcraft study program.  He graduated in 1977. 

After working in traditional carpentry for about a decade, Eli founded the first professional woodworking school in Israel in 1988.  Between his school in Jerusalem and his international teaching programs, thousands of serious students have studied with him, and hundreds graduating after years of extensive study. 


Over the decades, Eli has lectured, demonstrated his methodologies, and tutored students throughout the world.  His classes include his creative turning concepts, furniture construction, wood carving, and sculpture. 


 About a decade ago, Eli began a comprehensive study of fine art of violin crafting, and now teaches those stringed instrument making skills to his luthier students.    

Eli’s attention to detail, creativity, and artistry speaks for itself.  His vast woodworking talents and artistry can be seen in museums and treasured personal collections around the world. 

The world is Eli’s classroom, as he has taught and continues to be invited to teach in countries such as Japan, UK, China, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, New Zealand.  In the United States, Eli has taught and lectured in over 25 states, including prestigious organizations like the Marc Adams School of Woodworking and The American Association of Woodturners (AAW). 

Even though he is a master woodturner, woodworker, and violin maker, Eli continues to experiment.  From his years of R&D, Eli has developed of a series of specialized and signed woodturning tools.  These tools are manufactured by specialized international companies such as Ashley Iles Ltd. (UK) and Glaser HiTec (USA).

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